Service Time

Sunday Bible study at 08:30 AM
Sunday Musical Prelude at 09:15 AM
Sunday Services at 09:30 AM


Sermon series:  "Life's Comings and Goings"

This Sunday:  “Going Out in Glory"

The Rev. Joanne Swenson, Th.D.

Chapel Concertino:  Hillet Botha, piano

COMPLIMENTARY gate access & valet parking


The Cape Cod Memorial Service for

the Rev. Dr. Paul R. Woudenberg

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Openness and acceptance are key points in what the church of God is all about. If you are searching for a place to call your spiritual home and at the same time discover a real joy in worship, fellowship and service to others, maybe you should visit the church for a worship service. 

Here you can find a place to serve and a place to grow in your faith. It is an experience where it is hoped you will walk out lighter and more in love with your God. 

You are welcome anytime.


Church in the Forest has been a compelling presence on the Monterey Peninsula since 1987. Generous members and friends sustain the church through their gifts that are expressions of their faith in God and in the mission of the church. Worship, bible study, music, fellowship, pastoral care and community outreach are made possible with financial gifts to the church. 

Click here  to learn more how you can contribute to the church in several ways.