Music Box

I Cantori di Carmel

Daniel Henriks, Music Director and Conductor

Teruyo Petrocelli, Accompanist

Jubal Joslyn, tenor and cantor Cathryn Wilkinson, organ


Selections from the Christmas Oratorio             J. S. Bach

No. 1 Jauchzet, frohlocket! auf, preiset die Tage

Shout for joy, exult, rise up, glorify the day


No. 5  Wie soll ich dich empfangen

How should I receive you?


No. 12  Brich an, o schönes Morgenlicht

Break out, O beautiful light of morning


No. 17  Schaut hin, dort liegt im finstern Stall

Look, there lies in the dark stable


No. 21  Ehre sei Gott in der Höhe

          Glory to God in the highest

English Translation by Francis Browne (November 2008, May 2009) as posted on Used with permission


Selections from Christmas Oratorio                                J. S. Bach

No. 26  Lasset uns nun gehen Bethlehem

            Let us now go to Bethlehem

No. 33  Ich will dich mit Fleiß bewahren

            I shall diligently keep you in mind


Savior of the Nations, Come                                 J. S. Bach


About Our Guest Choir


I Cantori di Carmel (our Italian name means: The Singers of Carmel) has been bringing choral classics to the Monterey Peninsula since 1981 at the Carmel Mission Basilica and other venues. In 2023 they are planning a European concert tour to France and Spain.


Performing J.S. Bach’s Christmas Oratorio (Weihnachtsoratorium) is an annual tradition in Germany.  The music tells of the birth of Jesus, the announcement to the shepherds, and the adoration of the shepherds as they see the Child.


Music Director Daniel Henriks received his Master’s Degree from the Juilliard School of Music in 2000 after studying at the Conservatory in Hannover, Germany. He had an extensive career in Europe as an operatic baritone, orchestra and choral director.  Currently he resides in Carmel.


I Cantori will perform the Christmas Oratorio in concert with chorus, orchestra and soloists  on December 9 in Santa Cruz, December 10 & 11 in Carmel, and December 17 in San Jose.  Tickets and details at