• The Reverend Melanie Silva

      Associate Pastor

      Melanie holds a BA in English and Secondary Teaching Credential, a MA from School of Theology at Claremont. Following ordination, she served as Associate Minister at San Dieguito United Methodist Church in Encinitas for twelve years.

    • Adam Hale

      Church Administrator

      Adam brings a wealth of administrative and office experience to the Church. With previous positions in non-profit organizations, customer service, management, data and analytics, social media, security, and more.

    • Cathryn Wilkinson

      Music Director

      Cathryn is an accomplished organist and pianist, with a degree in music from the College of William and Mary in addition to a Master of Fine Arts in organ performance and Ph.D. in music theory from The University of Iowa School of Music. Cathryn is also the current Vice President of Academic Affairs at Hartnell Community College District in Salinas.

    • Adam Balesteri

      Design Director

      Adam has been a police officer, firefighter and teacher. Life changes provided him with an opportunity to shift his career to his love for art and design, now in service to our church and other organizations.