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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Dear Friends,


Clara Morrow in an artist who lives in the village of Three Pines, an imaginary place created by Louise Penny in her mystery novels. Clara’s paintings are extraordinary; some might say, extraordinarily different.


Take, for example, her portrait of an embittered, wizened woman: there she stands, seething as she stares out at the world that was completely ignoring her. She clutches a  ragged blue shawl wrapped around her head. It is the portraiture of an enraged famous poet who lives in the village and to the casual observer, the portrait is disturbing. Especially since the picture really is of Mary, the mother of Jesus, depicted as an old woman.


And yet, closer inspection reveals the brilliance of the painting for closer scrutiny allows one to see light dawning in Mary’s eyes: the absolute moment when despair turns to hope. It is the moment when anything is possible.


I look forward to seeing you on Sunday as we explore the possible and take delight in the moving music of I Cantori.